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Legume, Pittsburgh, PA

“You haven’t tried Legume?” That’s all I’ve been hearing for the past year, and my answer was always the same, “No I haven’t.” I finally decided to make reservations to see what all the hoopla was about. My girlfriend and I arrived at 7pm on a Friday evening. The restaurant was filled to capacity (40 or so seats) and as we made our way to the table we noticed that the patrons were busy eating, talking, and drinking wine. We sat down and had the opportunity to see a few of the main dishes that were being served around us; they looked delicious. We were becoming more and more eager to sample the food.

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How to Choose Meat

We’ve all been there; in the grocery store, at the meat counter. There are all different types of steaks and cuts of meat. If you’re making stew, what should you buy? If you’re planning on grilling, and you want a tender juicy steak, which cut is best?

Before I begin, let’s talk about an important term, marbling. Marbling is the small streaks of fat found within the muscle and can be seen in the cut of meat. Marbling has a strong beneficial effect on juiciness and flavor, and may also have a positive effect on tenderness. Meat that has little marbling may be dry and flavorless. Excessive amounts of marbling will not necessarily increase the juiciness and flavor over those cuts of meat with modest marbling. When picking your meat, choose a piece with average marbling. The streaks of fat should make up approximately 1/3 of the meat in ratio.

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Denunzio’s, Monroeville

I’m my continued search for good Italian food in the city of Pittsburgh, I stopped by DeNunzio’s Italian Trattoria, in Monroeville, with a few friends. The proprietors have three restaurants; one in Jeanette, the other in Latrobe.

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Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

This is a very easy, traditional recipe for stuffing.

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Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Cooking suggestions and tips for cooking a turkey and other sides during the holidays and Thanksgiving.

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Happiness is a Warm Gun

Deciding to become a vegetarian, I stopped eating meat. All about my decision to become meat free.

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Shiloh Grill, Pittsburgh

Shiloh Grill is the newly-opened addition to the Shiloh Street commercial corridor on Mount Washington, taking place of the former Shiloh Inn which closed earlier this year. It is also the brand-new baby sister of Harris Grill, one of my favorite neighborhood bars in Pittsburgh. When I moved from Shadyside to Mount Washington, I was so sad to leave that cozy neighborhood hang-out. What a welcome twist-of-fate that it should follow me up here!

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Why Buy Organic? Here’s Why…

There has been a growing trend to purchase, and buy organic foods. As consumers become more and more educated on the effects of harmful food additives, preservatives, and the harm they can do to their bodies, it is becoming increasingly popular to purchase whole, unprocessed foods.

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White Chocolate Lemon Cookies

Easy to make and delicious white chocolate lemon cookies.

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Delicious whole wheat chocolate cherry cookies that are easy to make.

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