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Bonefish Grill Rolls Out Fresh New Cocktail Menu

Bonefish Grill Rolls Out Fresh New Cocktail Menu

This summer Bonefish Grill is bringing in some fun new features at the bar with a brand new beverages focusing on fresh ingredients. This soon-to-be favorite selection of refreshing summertime cocktails delivers a twist on time-honored, traditional libations with freshly muddled herbs and fruits.

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Brain Teaser Drink

One of my clients asked me to come up with a special cocktail- he likes solving puzzles. I call this the Brain Teaser:

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Pizzutti’s, Shadyside

Pizutti’s is a family restaurant in Shadyside that serves authentic Italian food.

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Holiday Cocktail Recipes

My roommate and I first made this drink last year. We were thinking we could have a martini before we started hauling the tree trimmings up from the basement. They are delicious, a perfect wintery cocktail. A note of Christmas caution: These drinks are VERY strong. You may feel tipsy after only one, and by three, you may be seeing flying reindeer. (We ended up blowing off the Christmas tree that night, and drank two more of these instead.)

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Hyeholde Restaurant, Moon Township

Nestled off the beaten path in Moon Township, there’s an exceptional place to eat- The Hyeholde Restaurant. What makes this such an extraordinary place to dine (besides the food) is the atmosphere. Hyeholde has been around since 1938, and has a rich and colorful history (read all about it at On this particular spring evening we arrived at 6pm; there were 20 of us. I was immediately taken with the grandness of the structure. The building in which the restaurant is situated is truly majestic. The house/castle is old, and adorned with most of its original materials, inside and out. As I waited outside for the remaining guests to arrive, I was surprised that this restaurant was situated in such a rural area.

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Eleven, Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve heard nothing but raves about the burgers at Eleven in the Strip, so a trip to a member of the Big Burrito restaurant group was in order. We decided to go informal and sit in the bar. As we entered, I noticed that the entire establishment was very dark. We were greeted by a very kind hostess who escorted us to the bar area. There were high top tables and some very comfortable looking plush chairs situated right by the windows. We pushed two high tops together to accommodate our group of six.

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Don Pablo’s, Monroeville, PA

Chain Restaurants…what’s to say? I’ve never been a huge fan, but there are exceptions. Friday’s, for example is a decent place; the food is good, the service is above average, and the drinks aren’t bad. Don Pablo’s is another example- the food is good, and you usually know what you’re going to get, no matter which location you choose.

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Mitchell’s Fish Market, Waterfront

Before I write this review I must tell you that I am a former employee of Mitchell’s Fish Market. 10 years ago I was the Saucier, and responsible for all product received during the day. I will do my best to write in an unbiased manner.

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The Cheesecake Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

That is how I feel about The Cheesecake Factory. In my opinion, there is nothing great about it, but it’s certainly not the worst restaurant. It’s fine.

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Harris Grill, Shadyside, PA

When I thought of Harris Grill, I’d think of a bunch of hipsters sprawled out on the patio with clove cigarettes and PBR, talking about their new garage band or their sister’s new girlfriend.

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