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Summer Berry Soup Recipe

Summer is here, which means it’s time to serve a few cool dishes. This Summer Berry Salad with Basil and Lemon Fraiche is refreshing, and tasty. It’s easy to prepare, and will surely please your family and guests!

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Henckels Knife Giveaway

When I graduated from culinary school, I went knife shopping. I had saved up $150.00 (from my $6.75 per hour first cooking job), and was ready to buy a high-quality chef’s knife. I can remember strolling into Williams Sonoma, and drooling at all of the shiny knives through the glass panel. The salesperson happily opened the locked door, and I began my search. After handling a dozen knives, I decided on a Henckels 8-inch chef’s knife because I liked the balance, and it felt right in my hand. I used that knife for 8 years (before I bought another one). It survived many drops, mishaps, and thousands of passes over a sharpening stone.

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Sand Hill Berries

Sand Hill Berries, one of the vendors at the market, was my first stop. The berries they had on display vibrant, and looked wonderful. In addition to pints of fresh blackberries, there were black and red currants. Also on display were Sand Hill’s baked goods. Merle, the friendly worker urged me to try the currants, “They’re tangy, and become sweet when cooked.” Emmariah, another Sandhill Berries employee, began opening boxes of their baked goods, explaining to me how fresh all of the ingredients were that are used in their preparation. I had purchased pies from this booth before, and was very pleased with the product.

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Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

Sweet and Sour Sauce originated in China, from the Hunan Province. Sweet and Sour Sauce typically has some type of vinegar and sugar in it, and is used as a flavor enhancer for fish, poultry, rice, noodle, and vegetable dishes. There are many different variations of this sauce, this is mine.

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Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe

Cold soups are refreshing during the summer months. Try making my Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe for your family and friends tonight.

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Wiener World, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiener World will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this month. An established Pittsburgh restaurant, the hot dog shop has been providing hungry patrons with all-natural casing hot dogs, and other quality fare for decades.

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Gravlax with Absolut Citron

Gravlax is a Scandinavian dish of dry-cured salmon marinated in herbs. There are many variations- some are savory, while others are sweet and tangy. Gravlax with Absolute Citron takes only a few minutes to prep, but requires 24 hours to cure.

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Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe

I’ve been getting many requests for my Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe. I made this particular recipe at work today because I wanted to run something cool, and refreshing. You’ll be surprised at how easy to this delicious, cold soup is to prepare.

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