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Sarah R., Guest Blogger

I love Chef Chuck’s homemade mint chocolate chip cookies. I love these delicious, mouthwatering cookies because you can really taste the mint chocolate chips. The white chips are so good! Together those ingredients make Chef Chuck’s cookies the best!! I could live in a world of them, that’s how great, luscious, yummy, and awesome Chef Chuck’s cookies are.

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Fresh Fish Tips

There are plenty of family-oriented restaurants in Regent Square; all types of food can be had. Unfortunately, very seldom do we see fresh fish on local restaurant’s menus. I’m sure the patrons that live in Regent Square would enjoy a good piece of fresh salmon, tuna, or halibut. Hopefully, the chefs at Regent Square’s soon-to-open restaurants, Cibo, and Root 174, will embrace the inner-fishes, and provide residents with an adequate sampling of fresh sea fare. Until that happens, here are a few suggestions on finding, and cooking fish.

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Mad Mex, South Hills, PA

Well, kids, summer is almost here, and along with it comes my appetite for strong margaritas and chips and salsa! So, when the sun peeked through one of the 4,716 thunderstorms of the month, I grabbed my guy and headed out to Mad Mex!

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Understanding Metabolism

All food is converted to sugar when it is consumed. This sugar, or glucose, is fuel for our bodies, and helps our muscles and brain work. Some foods turn to sugar faster than others after they are eaten- these are the foods that should be eaten sparingly.

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Stagioni, Bloomfield, PA

In Italian, stagioni means “season”, which is an adorable coincidence since it has already taken me two of them to write this article.

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Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square

I recently had the opportunity to dine at the hard Rock Café in Station Square with a friend. The large restaurant had pictures of famous musicians were all over the place- old faded leather jackets from famous rockers, electric guitars, and other musical instruments hung on the wall. Music was blaring over the loud speakers (80’s tunes!) but my dinner companion and I had no problems having a conversation.

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WQED’s Chris Fennimore

I grew up in a big extended family. We lived in my Grandmother’s house along with several sets of aunts, uncles and cousins galore. The kitchen was our common room. During the week we did our homework on the kitchen table. That’s where we had every meal and it was the site for about 6 hours of prep work leading up to the communal Sunday meal.

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