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Food Safety and Eating Out

“Where are some of the safest places to eat?”
Before I go into the particulars of what food safety inspectors look for, I’m happy to report that all of the dining establishments in Regent Square have received excellent food safety reports! Besides a small infraction here or there, I’ve never heard of anyone becoming sick after eating at one of the local eateries.

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Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe

One of the hallmarks of the changing seasons (from cold to warm!), is the abundance of fresh fruits that start to appear in grocery stores. Watermelons, grapes, kiwis, fresh citrus, and other types of berries line shelves, and are fresher, and noticeably more flavorful. One of my favorite fruits this time of year is strawberries.

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Raising Healthy Children

Are you pleased with your progress toward healthful nutrition and fitness habits, but frustrated with that of your children?
Do you suspect that the lunches you send to school are traded or thrown away? Do you shudder at the sight of your pantry shelves displaying high-fat snacks and sugary cereals that you vowed you would never buy? Can you really win the battle against advertising, peer pressure and kids’ love affairs with sugar and fat?

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Getting Grill Ready

Besides being a practical alternative to cooking indoors, grilling food often becomes a social event, bringing together friends and family.

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Homemade Dog Food

I knew that action was needed, but I also knew that it would be difficult to start her on a new diet, minus the store-bought dog treats. After doing some research, I came up with a homemade dog food recipe. Before you try this for your pet, you may to talk to your vet. I’ve heard over and over again that you’re only supposed to give your dog approved food from an approved provider, but I’m not sure I agree. After feeding my dog with this recipe for the past three months, I’ve noticed her health improve considerably and she’s even dropped weight.

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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Burgatory was great! It is much better than Brgr, which I also tried recently. We went yesterday evening – I know it’s popular right now and I wanted to avoid the wait, we still waited about 35 minutes and it was PACKED.

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Cafe du Jour, East Carson Street, PA

One day you may find yourself slightly tipsy, yet trying to avoid drowning in the greasy quagmire that is typical South Side fare. Fear not, for there’s an escape located at 1107 E Carson St. If you don’t stumble by the unassuming storefront, you’ll find Chef Paul Krawiec preparing rustic French cuisine with the kind of care and confidence that compels one to make their next reservation on the way out.

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Kitchen Abuse, Paying Your Dues

What does it take to become a chef? These days, it doesn’t seem like much. Every day I run into people that say they’re chefs, but I become skeptical when they tell me about their lack of experience. I’m continually hiring people that assure me that they can cook, but end up being skilled at only one thing; complaining. Not only do these fresh-out-of school kids expect the world, they don’t want to have to work their way up the ladder, putting in the necessary time and effort to truly learn their profession. I hope I’m not dating myself by saying, “When I graduated from cooking school, things were different…you really had to prove yourself before you got promoted…” The truth is things are different. With the gaining popularity of The Food Newtwork, and other food-related shows, everyone wants to become a chef.

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La Feria, Shadyside, PA

There’s a small restaurant above Pamela’s in Shadyside, by the name of La Feria. Climb a small set of stairs, walk past the Latin American souvenirs, and you’ll come up a small dining room with chairs. The odd placement of La Feria makes it almost unrecognizable as a full-service restaurant.

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